Monday, November 5, 2012

Communists Hit

The city's 115-year-old statue of Father Jacques Marquette was vandalized recently, prompting officials to offer a reward. "It looks like spray paint. I don't know," said Emily Lewis, the president of the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee. "His face is red, there's some insignia on his chest, there are streaks on his robe." The statue, which was first erected in the city in 1897, currently stands to the north of the Lake Superior Community Partnership building.

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TonyD said...

There are those who think that the Catholic Church is under attack. They are correct.

That is a bad thing - but, sadly, it is appropriate. And, if nothing changes, it will get worse.

When the Church misunderstands the real meaning of values such as love your neighbor and humility, it contributes to an environment that reflects the Church's expressed values, rather than God's real values.

So every time it forces its interpretation of Church values over community values, it not only harms itself, but it harms the community and the individuals who embrace those values in the name of the Church.

Many people are sincere in believing that "love your neighbor" means "ignore your neighbor's values so that you can force your interpretations of God's values on them". Such people believe that they are doing the right thing. But they are very mistaken, and those mistakes come at a high cost when such people are deemed unfit for coexisting with God in His existence.

Forgiveness and mercy cannot be extended to those who are unfit. Existence in a community requires that we accept other's values to the greatest extent possible while also accepting the values of the greater community - even if different from our own. So we are told to "love God" and "love our neighbor". Instead, the Church far too often tries to force its values on our neighbors/God.

Anonymous said...

These thugs will be caught.
They may run,
They may hide,
but the truth will set them