Friday, November 30, 2012

“Turned To God In Prayer.” his memoir, “He Leadeth Me,” Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J. experienced the “sinking feeling of helplessness and powerlessness” after his arrest in Russia in 1941. He felt completely cut off from everything and everyone who might conceivably help him. Considered a Vatican spy, he was transferred to Lubianka prison where men were reportedly broken “in body and spirit.” As he had done in every crisis in the past when there was no one to turn to, Walter “turned to God in prayer.” While an interior voice helped him focus his faith, it was faith in prayer that sustained Walter, the same faith that made him conscious of his readiness and natural competency to handle whatever came along. Naturally stubborn and strong-willed, Walter spent a great part of his life “developing willpower and training the will.” Because he realized early that self-control was not enough in struggling against depression, fear, and insecurity, spiritual growth was contingent on the depth of his personal relationship with God.
Link (here) to Jesuit News the was written by Fr. John Levko, S.J.


citrin said...

GOD is a community of seekers, skeptics and believers on a journey of discovering the truth about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the meaning of life.

Anonymous said...

Your statement is nonsense. Replace "GOD" with "the human race" and you're closer to the truth, but still not fully accurate.

secondeve said...

What a deeply moving, inspiring, and challenging book this was to me. Five years in solitary confinement, and more. He completely surrendered himself to God; and became truly, joyfully free! Please pray for us, Fr. Ciszek.