Wednesday, February 1, 2012

President Honors Two Jesuits

Two Jesuit priests were honored by the White House for their work in Catholic higher education. Fr. Charles Currie, S.J., president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and Fr. William Leahy, S.J., president of Boston College, were honored with 8 others as “Champions of Change” by President Obama.

From the White House website:
On Wednesday, January 25th, the White House honored nine leaders in Catholic education from across the country as Champions of Change for their service to their communities and our nation. These extraordinary individuals have made a significant impact on the students, families, and educators through Catholic schools and universities throughout America. Their innovative ideas and dedication to students and to the wider community, demonstrate the strong commitment to ensuring that every child has an opportunity for greatness.

Link (here) to The Cardinal Newman Society


L40 said...

Of course, why not? Now that he has gone all french revolution on the Catholic Church and freedom of conscience is no longer considered a liberal ideal like it may have in the Sixties, this makes complete sense. Please, please defend this stunt you ''54%''.

''Champions of change''...that's rich.

Anonymous said...

I think the large Catholic institutions should not receive govt. $$.

Maria said...

"The champions of change" actually have a webiste called "", lol. Their mission statement, in part, reads:

Inspired by the witness of the Salvadoran martyrs, ISN is committed to serving the next generation of leaders who will shape the church’s work for faith-justice. ISN strives to create a community of empowered individuals and institutions rooted in Christian faith, committed to Gospel justice, and united in a common purpose."

Maybe they sould change the name to "Homosexuals and Marxists United!"

Ever been confused about why Catholic priests would support a President who defended a woman's right to what we euphemistically call "partial birth abortion'abortion?"

Here is Malachi Martin had to say:

“… Liberation theologians were the ones who finally succeeded in giving all those airy concepts of Teilhard de Chardin a practical meaning. But that would have been little use among the ordinary masses of believers, had the new “theologians” not succeeded also in transposing the meaning of all the key terms used to convey the basis truths and teachings of traditional Roman Catholicism. In their writings, you can see the quick, skillful way in which it was done.

The Church became the “people of God”, not the hierarchic Church of Rome. Sin is not primarily personal; it is social and almost exclusively the injustice and oppression due to capitalism. Mary the Virgin is the mother of a revolutionary Jesus—indeed of all revolutionaries seeking to overthrow capitalism. The Kingdom of God is the socialist state from which capitalist oppression has been eliminated. Priesthood is either the service given by an individual (the priest) who builds up socialism, or it is “the people of God” as it worships according to its like. The list of such adopted Catholic expressions is as long as you like. For each and every Catholic term about piety, belief, asceticism, and theology is taken over by Liberation Theologians.

The refinement of such co-opted terms permits grinning twists and ugly distortions of Roman Catholicism…ultimately however, such use of Roman Catholic vocabulary, laden as it is with deep attraction for the faithful, provided an otherwise unattainable legitimacy for a this-worldly blueprint for the future. Cleverly used, the new “theological lexicon” nor only justifies but mandates the use of any means—including armed violence, torture, violation of human rights, deception and deep alliances with professedly atheistic and ant-religious forces…”

Dear Lord, deliver us from "the Liberators".