Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Latin Mass And The Jesuit Missionary

It is easy to forget that so much of the missionary work of the Church was done through its worship and the old Latin Mass; the people of Kent were moved by Augustine's chanting monks, 
the Jesuits were rowed up South American rivers to the sound of violins, flutes and voices. Engaging the heart and senses seems to have been the first act of missionaries in the past, using beautiful music, stimulating a sense of wonder,
 causing people to reflect and to be still, to recognize God as Beauty, to look for his presence in their hearts.
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L40 said...

Someone please tell me why they so hate the old Latin Mass? Why the resistance to the point where the Holy Father must issue both a moto proprio and instruction? Why is the old guard fighting to keep people from requesting access to this form of the Roman liturgy? I have read there was a time in the US where only 4 regularly scheduled diocesean Sunday TLMs (I am not sure how accurate that is), now I believe there are 400 ... still a small number in the big picture. The people I have met that regularly attend these Masses (I myself pray at the Novus Ordo most of the time) love the liturgy to draw closer to Our Lord. They are mostly young people who did not grow up on this liturgy..something the old guard must find puzzeling. And their orders are doing well with vocations.

Anonymous said...

We have the Trid. Mass and, four years after its reintroduction, only a handful attend.