Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jesuit On Praying The Family Rosary

Excerpt from the booklet "Our Glorious Faith and How To Lose It" by Fr Hugh Thwaites S J. and (here)

In my work of going round visiting homes, I have seen this conclusion borne out time and again. Homes can be transformed by starting the recitation of the daily rosary.
I remember a woman telling me that she could not thank me enough for having nagged her into starting it; it had united her family as never before.
And I remember another home where I called. There was a strange tension there: the children were silent and the wife seemed withdrawn, but the husband was willing to start the family rosary.
When I called back again a couple of months later, the atmosphere was quite different. The children were chatty and the wife was friendly,
and the husband walked down the road with me afterwards and said how amazing it was that the home was so much happier.

Listen to Fr. Hugh Thwaites, S.J. (here)


Maria said...

Shadowlands has a lovely blog and merits notice.

Maria said...


What an undiscovered gold mine Fr. Thwaites is! Thank you. I spent several hours listening to him yesterday. What a joy. He reminds me of a priest in England John Keep who was Chaplain to the Visitandines at Waldron (England). The nuns have a bunch of his talks online at their website.

If anybody is interested in listening to Thwaites go to blog called blog called Sonitus Sanctus @: