Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What A Drag In Chicago

According to the University Calendar on the Loyola University Chicago website, an event titled “The Queens of Drag” was held last night (10/28) at the Centennial Forum Student Union on campus.  The event page reads:
Taj Mahal, Dida Ritz, and the DGK Kings take to the stage to show the Loyola campus some gender-bending at its best!  Performance to be followed by half hour Q andA with the performers.
Is the Q and A session an attempt at making the drag show vaguely academic?  According to the flawed logic of some, events like this or The V@gina Monologues are acceptable for a Catholic university if a panel of theologians discusses the event through a Catholic lens afterwards.  But this is a Q and A with the performers!
Link (here) to read the full post the Cardinal Newman Society


TonyD said...

There is a fine line between promoting non-traditional relationships and constraining the free will of students and society.

While I’m uneasy with this type of production, and I hope that Catholic values are taught to all the performers, I can’t object to this type of event. Free will is too important, and a Catholic University must reflect that value too.

Anonymous said...

"I hope that Catholic values are taught to all the performers..."

You hypocrite. You have admitted that you are not even a Catholic.

Students can exercise their free will by choosing from thousands of universities to apply to that are not Catholic. A Catholic university should be able to address any issue without enacting it. They should be able to talk about homosexuality all they need to without cross-dressing or having sex.

This blog continues to allow you to waste our time and misinform the world by publishing you. So henceforth, I leave the responsibility of addressing your lies, distortions and delusions to the publisher.