Friday, November 19, 2010

Fr. James C. Dabhi, S.J. On The Conditions In Afghanistan

Fr. James Dabhi, S.J.
Could there be a peaceful way to clear this mess in Afghanistan?
To be honest it does not seem to be possible in the near future. Afghanistan presently has its own 'elected government' but it is no secret that it is governed and managed by a combination of internal and external actors, interests and political compulsions. The legacy of warlords, the feudal and patriarchal ways of local governance, corruption, ethnic rivalries, family and clan networks all play a role in the politics and economy of Afghanistan.

People show their dislike for religious extremists in private but they are afraid to say it openly. Many people also detest the presence of foreign forces, particularly the US, yet they know the consequences if these are moved out immediately. Many people are dependent on the international community for their livelihood. Afghanistan currently relies on aid to meet 90 per cent of its budget.

The Taliban is not the only actor responsible for the insecurity. The warlords, drug mafia, transport lobbies, timber mafia, security companies (foreign and local), politicians and bureaucrats, business rivals, neighbouring countries and other international players, all have their share in creating and sustaining insecurity. Insecurity is also a blessing in disguise for NGO personnel including the UN bodies. It may restrict their movement but it increases the 'risk allowance' attached to a fat salary substantially.

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Teresa said...

Fr. James Dabhi, S.J. is spot on!!

The Afghanistan situation is so complicated because there are so many different chaotic elements within Afghanistan which need to be either controlled properly or eliminated for the Afghan peoples' safety.