Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jesuit Cyber Tour

Meet James Martin
From the executive fast track at GE to ordination as a Jesuit priest, James Martin leads a rather exciting life. His ministry as a Jesuit has brought him to the slums of Nairobi, the projects of inner-city Chicago, and now to a media career in Manhattan. It’s not uncommon to find Fr. Martin on the Colbert Report, CNN, The New York Times editorial page, or advising a theater cast. Why?
As Fr. Martin says, “being a Jesuit has helped me to find God in all things and to experience Jesus as my friend. And so my vocation as a Jesuit is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received from God."
Read more about Fr. Martin’s life and award-winning books My Life with the Saints and A Jesuit Off-Broadway. Saints in Cyberspace: Join Fr. Martin on his Saint blog tour! During the first week of June, Fr. Martin will be visiting a different blog each day to chat with you about the saints, becoming a saint through your everyday life, and much more. Be sure to visit the hosting blogs on the designated day, comment away, and let the inspiration begin!
June 2
Some Have Hats , Karen Hall's post on the tour (here)
June 3
A Nun’s Life , Sister Julie's post (here).
June 4
The Dawn Patrol , Dawn Eden's post on the tour (here)
June 5
The Anchoress , Elizabeth Scaliaha has yet to comment.
June 6
Happy Catholic , Julie D's post on the tour (here)
Here are my questions for Fr. James?
How come only "girl" Catholic blogs?
In your book In Good Company, looking back is there anything you would like to change?
Has Pedro Arrupe been placed in the conical process of sainthood? If not, why is he in a book about Catholic saints?
Why are Arrupe and Teilhard, more important to liberal Jesuits than real Jesuit saints like; Borja, Xavier, Pignatelli and Colombiere? Are the Catholic faithful and the Society being short changed with the constant promotional push to elevate Arrupe and Teilhard to an unwarranted quasi sainthood?
Thomas Merton is a subject in your book. Could please explain why Merton most likely will not be a canonized Catholic saint?


LIsa said...

Well, you could add to that Fr. Martin's account in My Life With the Saints of how he's agreed not to speak about certain subjects, under obedience from his superiors. What are those subjects?

I'd also ask what he thinks of this article.

Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Readers,
I have used some editorial licence and got the post and comments more directly to the point about Roman Catholic saints. It is a good thing that Fr. James Martin, S.J. has decided to do a blog tour. If successful it could start a wonderful trend. We are all called to be saints, right?



Anonymous said...

so I was right about the instrustion and you are without arguments.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I see only now you are delete also from the post the question about gay priests.

Joseph Fromm said...

I am not against arguments, just would like constructive arguments and I think that it was to far off subject of Catholic saints.

Michelle said...

Hi there,
This is Fr. Martin's PR person from Loyola Press. I can answer one of the questions - why all women bloggers? Quite honestly - they answered the call first. The dates for the blog tour that worked for Fr. Jim, worked for them & they all happened to be women. There will be a blog tour part II which already has 2 men who want to host. You're more than welcome to be part of that. Just let me know marketing@loyolapress.com

As for the other questions, please join one of the hosting blogs & ask your questions. Fr. Martin can only answer questions that he knows are out there so please join one of the official blog tour sites & he will be sure to answer your questions.


Joseph Fromm said...

I'll keep promoting the tours and offering positive support.


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