Saturday, December 29, 2007

Faithful Catholic Book Publishers

Hat Tip to Aquinas and More for this great list of links. (here)

Pope Benedict’s Library
Alleluia Press - This publisher prints books about Eastern Catholicism. The owner is 93 and handwrites his correspondence.
Ascension Press - They publish the Great Adventure Bible Study program and the Theology of the Body program for teens as well as the T3 Bible Study program and a bunch of other great titles.
Aunt Dee’s Attic -A small press with some gift books for Sacramental prep.
Baronius Press - A publisher from Britain that prints Tridentine Missals, the Douay Rheims Bible and some Catholic classics.
Bread of Life Publishing - publishes a couple of cute, faithful catechism activity books for children and teens.
Bridegroom Press - a small press that focuses on apologetics.
Catholic Answers - the premier apologetics organization in the US. Run by Karl Keating.
C.D. Stampley - Producer of very nice Catholic family Bibles.
Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei - publishes booklets and videos for the Old Latin Mass.
Confraternity of the Precious Blood - Prints some old titles including My Daily Bread.
Couple to Couple League - the main NFP publisher in the country.
Emmaus Road Publishing - the publishing division of Catholics United for the Faith.
Family Life Center - Steve Ray’s St. Joseph Covenant Keepers official press. Great stuff on raising holy families.
God With Us - A small publisher of books on Eastern Catholicism.
Grotto Press - Very small but solid press.
Hillside Education - a small publisher of Catholic homeschooling resources.
Ignatius Press - one of the largest Catholic publishers in the US. Official publisher of Pope Benedict’s books as well as the best religious education programs - Faith and Life and Image of God - in the country.
Institute of Carmelite Studies - producer of the definitive works of many Carmelite saints.
Madonna House Publications - Founded by Catherine Doherty to promote Eastern Catholic spirituality.
Marian Press - Publish all kinds of titles about the Divine Mercy and St. Faustina.
Midwest Theological Forum - If you want Canon Law, this is the place. They also produce several books about Opus Dei and have the best high school religion books available - the Didache Series.
Montfort Publications - Books about St. Louis de Montfort’s spirituality.
Mother of Divine Grace - Homeschooling sylibi from Laura Berquist.
Mother’s House Publishing - A small local press that publishes a variety of titles including the best student and teacher study guides for homeschoolers reading the Classics. (My mom did not pay me to say that)
National Center for Padre Pio - a small publisher of books about Padre Pio.
Neumann Press - A family company that reprints old Catholic titles in nice hardbound versions. Has a lot of old Catholic school books.
Preserving Christian Publications - Focus on reprinting old Catholic titles with an emphasis on the Old Latin Mass.
Requiem Press - A small family press.
Roman Catholic Books - A press that focuses on reprinting old Catholic titles, primarily reprinting in hardback.
San Juan Catholic Seminars - Prints a series of apologetics workbooks that are great for parish or homeschooling.
Scepter Publishers - The official publisher for Opus Dei. The Navarre Bible comes from here.
Sophia Institute Press - A wide ranging publisher with everything from Catholic classics to new books on Catholic culture.
St. Bonaventure Publications -The source for the old Liber Usualis as well as a few other old Catholic titles.
Zaccheus Press - A small press with about eight titles.

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