Monday, January 6, 2014

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USF's War Memorial Gym
Celebration of Sin at USF/Pepperdine Game

On Saturday, January 4 the men’s basketball team of the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco faced off against the Pepperdine Waves at USF’s War Memorial gym. The game was also billed as an “LGBTQ Community Celebration.” The “Upcoming Events” page on the USF Dons website read “Featuring Performances by the SF Gay Men’s Chorus and Cheer SF. LGBTQ community leaders will be recognized. For $10 tickets use promo code EQUALITY at checkout.” Since the “LGBTQ Community” defines itself by fornication with persons of the same-sex, an “LGBTQ Community Celebration” is by definition a celebration of sin.

Link (here) to A Shepard's Voice

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Qualis Rex said...

This is not a surprise since a) USF (and let's be honest, MOST Jesuit Universities) are hot-beds of unorthodox/uncatholic teaching and b) the media have been perverting Pope Francis' statements to spin them as "reaching out to the gay community"...and certain "factions" within the church and clergy have been capitalizing on this.