Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Paragraph 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church says that while people with same-sex attraction Scripture clearly “presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity.” “[T]radition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered’. They are contrary to the natural law,” it adds. “They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.” This teaching is not mentioned in any of the three videos of the series. The first video in the series starts with an interview with Fr. James Martin, S.J., a prominent US media personality and Jesuit priest in New York, who has made advocating for the normalisation of homosexuality in the Catholic Church a prominent feature of his career.
“must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,”
Martin says that “many LGBT people” “have very deep spiritual lives and are Christians.” He also denies a conflict between the Catholic Church and the homosexual movement, saying, “It’s not as if you have atheist gays on one side, and religious or spiritual straight people on the other.”
Martin also praises the movement in the Catholic Church in the US and elsewhere that is a feature of many parishes that encourages homosexuals to believe they can be actively “gay” and faithful as Catholics, without contradiction. “The idea that someone could come out and be honest and transparent and open about the way that God created them, I think is terrific. I think it’s something that the Catholic Church can support,” he says. Martin adds, “If a music minister is gay, it doesn’t matter [to other parishioners] if they’re homosexual…it matters that they did a great job at the [liturgy of the] Easter Vigil. “If a spiritual director is gay, it doesn’t matter that they’re homosexual. It matters that they’ve brought people to God through prayer.” 

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Katy Anders said...

I need to review that section of the catechism. Based on the section quoted here, it sounds as though homosexuality is condemned for the same reason that contraception or masturbation is condemned - for the life issue.


Qualis Rex said...

Martin is one of the most scurrilous and dangerous "priests" in the US. Why he has not yet been censured for his public heresy and contradiction of church teaching is beyond me. His statement "“It’s not as if you have atheist gays on one side, and religious or spiritual straight people on the other.” is both misleading and corrupt, since THIS IS INDEED THE CASE. Not all homosexuals are atheists, just like not all communists are athiests. Yet both movements have a very strong anti-religion/atheist underpinning which seeks to tear-down church institutions and beliefs through mockery, protest and direct assault. Martin is once again proving he has far outlived his usefulness as a priest.

Ray said...

Great blurb on this subject. Until the Church tells those of Fr. Martin's ilk to outwardly recant their heresy or leave, nothing will change. Cardinal Dolan won't castigate a governor in his state who claims to be Catholic but openly is for gay marriage and abortion. He presents himself for Communion and receives Our Lord; yet, Cardinal Dolan says or does nothing about it. He is speaking at a men's conference in St. Louis this weekend, I will not attend because he is the main speaker. Regarding Fr. Martin, maybe he feels vindicated since the Cardinal of New York never reprimands this kind of thinking and speaking.

Katy Anders said...

So, Qualis, should the Church approach these fils as individuals, reaching out to them from where they are, or should they generalize, assume that every individual matches a preconceived notion, and condemn based on stereotypes of demographics?

Anonymous said...

Chastity requires the desire to overcome our disordered inclinations, whatever they may be, so that we are not led into temptation, but rather, become transformed through God's Great Gift of Grace and Mercy, as we learn to develop healthy and Holy relationships and friendships that respect the inherent Dignity of the human person, who, from the moment of conception, has been created in The Image and Likeness of God, equal in Dignity, while being complementary as a son or daughter, Willed by God, worthy of Redemption.

Qualis Rex said...

Katy, I don't know what you mean by "fils", and your question asked shows you really don't have a clue on what the church teaches on this subject, or you wouldn't have asked it. We are all sinners, all of us. And we are all individuals in need of God's grace. Read up on the subject so you can make compelling questions rather than stacking a scarecrow argument.

Katy Anders said...

"Fils" is what happens when I try to type the word "folks" too quickly on an iPad.

Your comments, on the other hand, are what (too often) happens when a commenter decides that insulting people and trying to look cool are more important than holding a discussion.

Is everything okay with you? Is there something the rest of us can do to make things better for you so you don't feel the need to lash out like that?

I'm here if something is going on in your life. I hope future comments find you in a better place.

Qualis Rex said...

Katy - my life is wonderful, thanks so much for the voiced concerned (whether sincere or not). But where exactly did I insult you? I simply pointed out that I will not be baited, and that the question posed was a non sequitor had you known church teaching on the subject. I don't see an insult there. But if you feel compelled to construct one, then please feel free to place it next to the nice strawman you are trying so desperately to cling to.

Katy Anders said...

Qualis, I really need to just walk on by and not take the cheap bait.

You've twice questioned my understanding of Catholic doctrine without providing anything of your own in return. It's tough to hold a discussion with someone who won't even tell you why they think you are ignorant.

Again, I hope we can talk in better circumstances in the future, and perhaps circumstances in which you don't look like such a fool.