Friday, November 15, 2013

The Lords Of Georgetown

Lord Nicholas Windsor
For those who are unaware of the splendid track record of Lord David Alton and Lord Nicholas Windsor, This link will take you to the presentation given by Lord Nicholas Windsor, Jan Graffius and David Alton at Georgetown University's Berkley Centre, Washington DC. The session was hosted and moderated by Professor Tom Farr. The presentation describes the purpose of the Christian Heritage Centre Project, the Collections held at Stonyhurst,and the challenges to contemporary religious freedom. Please share it with others.
they are both tireless warriors in defence of the unborn, doing much great work in Europe and the United Kingdom for the culture of life. Lord Nicholas Windsor, a cousin of the Queen, converted to Catholicism a few years ago and has been an indefatigable crusader for the pro-life cause ever since. Lord Alton has been supporting the pro-life cause in the House of Commons and the House of Lords for several decades.
Link (here) to the St. Austin Review


Qualis Rex said...

Very inspirational. Whenever I hear of high profile Brits "converting" to Catholicism, I'm genuinely suspicious (Tony Blair is a major case in point). But this chap has definitely earned his papist stripes. Good on him.

Maria said...

God Bless them...I am surprised Georgetown allowed them on campus!