Monday, November 4, 2013

Boston College's Fr. James Keenan, S.J. At Center Of Controversy

Linda Hogan
It’s worth noting that the only source cited for these reports is Fr. James Keenan, SJ, who posted Facebook his personal suggestions for a woman cardinal; he included Hogan prominently on his list of contenders, along with Sister Teresa Okure, a theology professor at the Catholic Institute of West Africa in Nigeria, and Maryanne Loughry, associate director of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Australia. Google around, and you’ll find multiple reports today on the Linda Hogan rumor from a variety of news outlets; virtually every one goes back to the Keenan Facebook post as the source for Hogan’s name. There’s no one from the Vatican. No one in a position to know is quoted. This amounts to little more than wishful thinking and an educated guess. Could Linda Hogan soon be Cardinal Hogan? If the pope wants to rewrite Canon Law, sure. Anything is possible. But really: I’ll believe it when I see it. Right now, the only one who has elevated her to the rank of cardinal is a Jesuit with a Facebook page.

UPDATE: Then there’s this, from the Vatican: 
The Holy See yesterday dismissed as “nonsense” weekend Irish media reports that Pope Francis might nominate two Irish women as cardinals. Responding to reports in Irish and Irish-American media that Pope Francis might name both TCD ecumenics Prof Linda Hogan and former president Mary McAleese as cardinals at a future conclave, senior Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said: “This is just nonsense . . . It is simply not a realistic possibility that Pope Francis will name women cardinals for the February consistory. “Theologically and theoretically, it is possible,” he added. “Being a cardinal is one of those roles in the church for which, theoretically, you do not have to be ordained but to move from there to suggesting the pope will name women cardinals for the next consistory is not remotely realistic.”

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Fr. Jean-François Thomas SJ said...

Once again I notice that some Jesuits can say,write, publish anything foolish without any problem. Much more difficult for the orthodox Jesuits to get permission to publish, because they still respect the content of obedience.

ATDP said...

Seems rather self-referential.

Qualis Rex said...

Beyond nonsensical. The irony is the despite the amount of information at our disposal, the propensity (and attraction) we as humans have for misinformation has not gone away. Too many people look to blogs, emails or dubious (even parody) "news" sites to get their information, rather than simply going to the source. We might as well be back in the 16th century in Worms, Germany looking at a Protestant tract "revealing" how the "devil is really the head of the church".