Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fiat Ladetur

The Disclade Carmelites of Port Tobacco
Dear Sister in Xt                                              Georgetown College,                        
March 30th 1830.
I received yesterday your letter informing me on the outside, of the death of your venerable, and beloved Mother Clare Joseph Dickenson & in the inside of her long painful agony. Both are awful & distressing things, but fiat laudetur .... & as Sister Angela imparts news, it must be good, 
for indeed there can be no better death than agonizing with Christ—I immediately gave information to all as you requested—& today we all have said our Masses, & BTM their beads for her happy repose. 
You lose a great deal in her, it is true; but her love will be greater in heaven towards Mt. Carmel—You need not fear but that God will supply her vacancy. Even when he took Elias, Carmel did not sink lower. Please to offer my comforting condolence to all the Sisters distressed no doubt on account of the loss of so virtuous a Mother, but I hope that their sorrow will be short, & meritorious—And Father Francis will help to comfort you since he gained the race—or, I do not know, perhaps he lost it—

Remember me in your holy prayers.
Respectfully yours

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