Friday, January 25, 2013

A Friend Of Charles Dawson

was a friend of Charles Dawson, a Jesuit, a paleontologist, and a theologian. 
 He participated in the discovery of Peking man and Piltdown man. 
He is popular for his theological theories 
which are considered heretical by the Catholic church. 
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Ray said...

A bit confused by any story about a heretic. Have met so many great and faithful Jesuits, why focus on someone who has of his own volition left the flock?

Anonymous said...

he is brilliant and prolific unlike the pope

Ray said...

I'll take dull and unproductive(which he is not) and still be faithful to Christ's Mystical Body here on earth. You will probably get to spend eternity with this heretical fellow in the next life and unless repentence takes place you won't like it.