Saturday, April 21, 2012

Take The Tradition

Fordham theologian Jeannie Hill Fletcher noted, during PBS Newshour, that the nuns under scrutiny are in colleges and universities, among other places.  Fletcher said that a problem she has with the document issued by the Vatican is that it  
“seems to be trying to tell Women Religious to stop exploring the dynamics of the faith and simply take the tradition as it’s been handed to them.” 
Fletcher said during the interview:  
“Let me just say, as a scholar — as a scholar of religion and a theologian, Church teaching does change.” 
Fortunately, there was a representative of a faithful Catholic college also present on air to stand up for Church teachings.  The chairman of the board of Christendom College, Donna Bethell, went head to head with Fletcher during the segment and defended the Vatican’s decision regarding the LCWR. Bethell was quick to point out that there are some doctrines of the church which are definitely not open to debate. She explained the reason behind the Vatican’s assessment of the nuns.  She pointed out that the document issued by the Church underscores the importance for consecrated persons to be faithful to the teachings of the Church.
Link (here) to read the full post and watch the video at the Cardinal Newman Society


Anonymous said...

it's clear from her bio that Jeannie Fletcher is a feminist theologian, not a Catholic theologian.

C140 said...

It is clear that some in the Jesuit community continues to push a Protestant agenda and seek schism.

clement said...

good to both comments !
let the jesuits and nuns break away from the very ones holding my church back

Anonymous said...

Encouraging schism--how very proteestant of you!