Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fr. Frank Fadner, S.J.

Fr. Frank Fadner, S.J. was an expert in Russian history, a remarkable polylinguist, and accomplished artist. He taught history from 1949 to 1978 and also served as Regent of the School of Foreign Service. In 1987, James Alatis, Dean of the School of Languages and Linguistics, recollected that:
New students were often intrigued by the black gowned gentleman with the long gray beard, intelligent eyes, black cassock, beretta and flowing cape. Theories as to his identify were legion.
Two particularly memorable ones were that he was either the Metropolitan [Archbishop] of Moscow in exile or the Papal Confessor. Father enjoyed his mysterious image and would note that it wasn’t bad for a boy from Neenah, Wisconsin . . .

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Michael Collins Dunn said...

In my day at Georgetown (late 60s), due to the flowing black cape (and eternal black beretta), we knew him as "Batman."