Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going, But Kicking And Screaming

Convicted molester fights Jesuits' efforts to expel him
Associated Press -
CHICAGO (AP) - A priest convicted of molesting two boys says he is fighting efforts by the Jesuits to expel him from the religious order.Last year, a Wisconsin jury convicted the Reverend Donald McGuire of molesting two boys from Loyola Academy in Wilmette in the 1960s.McGuire now faces lawsuits on a string of new child molestation accusations as well as a federal indictment that alleges he traveled overseas with a minor with an intent of having sex with him.
As a result of the conviction and other allegations against him, the Chicago Jesuits have presented McGuire with a dismissal decree from the order. McGuire tells the Chicago Sun-Times he has appealed to the Vatican not to allow the dismissal. Link to original story (here)


Anonymous said...

He's a sociopath. That's in no way any kind of an excuse, it's just true.

A serial sociopath.

This should be a no brainer for both the Vatican and the Jesuits--giving McGuire the boot--but they'll put it off as long as they can get away with it.

Which will be more proof (like we need any more) that nothing changes in the church. Nothing.

Except attendance. I hear that's way down.

How sad.

Joseph Fromm said...

Never give up hope and pray always.