Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Shamanic Mass Was Celebrated On Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some excerpts of an article by Fr. Joseph "JoJo" Fung, S.J. and his liturgical practices.

The shamanic mass was celebrated on Sunday, August 14, 2011 at the Tulana Research Center for Encounter and Dialogue, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. The celebration was divided into the Liturgy of the Word, conducted in the open, under the canopy of the coconut trees and liturgy of the Eucharist which was held in the chapel.(1) The aim of this creative liturgy was to share with fellow Jesuits an experience of indigenous religiosity and how this dialogue shaped the way the liturgy is conducted. 
"The penitential rite was the breathing exercise which allows Ruah Elohim to cleanse and purify us"
"All were seated in the chapel for a powerpoint sharing of a story of a sojourner at the margin, dancing with the spirit on the water of shamanic religiosity."
"After communion prayer, the elder of the community, the beloved guru and master Aloyisius Pieris was requested to offer a chant in Pali as a final blessing to send us forth."
The Eucharistic celebration is the locus for the liturgical realization of an emergent Eucharistic theology of sacred sustainability aimed at bringing about “an attitudinal as well as a structural transformation… by ritually enacting in the liturgy the new paradigm of the church, worship and priesthood” 
(Pieris 2010:186-7)
"At the liturgical re-enactment of the Good Friday event at the moment of consecration, Jesus continues to configure the church to himself (Craffer2008).(7) As Jesus typifies the Galilean Shamanic figure of Nazareth, the reenactment further configures the assembly to be a type of Jesus the shamanic figure of early Palestine."
"A re-envisioned liturgy of sacred sustainability, in short a shamanic mass, becomes a way to bring about a shamanic way of being church that is sensitive to the sacred spirits operative in the deepest depth of indigenous cultures and religiosity."
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