Monday, April 28, 2014

Fr. Otto Pies, S.J., "The Most Admirable Priest-Rogue" In The Dachau Concentration Camp

The most admirable priest-rogue was a Jesuit former master of novices named Otto Pies. Released from Dachau in the Spring of 1945 as the Americans were advancing, 
he disguised himself as an S.S. officer and came back to the camp with a truckload of food - rousted God knows where in those bitterly foodless days. He drove into the camp, into the priests' wired-off compound, and then drove off with 30 of the priests hidden in the back. 
Two days later, when 5,400 prisoners - 88 of them priests - were led off into the Alps to be lost in the snow, Otto Pies came back in the same uniform and truck and picked up more.
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Qualis Rex said...

Seldom does the world hear about Catholic clergy and religious imprisoned or dying in the concentration camps (though in total far more Catholics died in the camps than any other group). Why? Because it challenges the conventional narrative that Jews were the primary victims of the camps, and therefor by default the sole arbiters of their history and legacy. I wouldn't be so strong worded about the subject if they would simply cease and desist their smear campaign against Blessed Pope Pius XII, against whose accusations have long been debunked through written and declassified evidence.

Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't be so strong worded about the subject if they would"…


Who's they?