Saturday, April 26, 2014

Acerbus Jesuit

John Paul II could not accept open debate and discussion in the church. Loyalty was more important than intelligence or pastoral skill. As a result, the quality of bishops appointed under him declined, as did the competence of people working in the Vatican.
This is not to downplay John Paul's important role in world affairs. He was much more important to the peaceful fall of Communism than Ronald Reagan. He also did more to improve Catholic relations with Jews than any pope in history. 
But the sad truth is that while he was good for the world, he was bad for the church. His suppression of theological discussion and debate, his insensitivity to women's issues, and his appointments kept the church from responding pastorally and intelligently not only to the sexual abuse crisis but to other issues facing the church. 
I have no doubt that John Paul is in heaven, but the effort to canonize him should be put on hold
Link (here) to Fr. Thomas J Reece, S.J. and his full article at On Faith.


Suz said...

Tucked in among the typical liberal whining the author brings up one good question. Why did it take so long to investigate Maciel? Is it just that people couldn't reconcile the good fruits (or good people) of the Legion with the possibility that the accusations could be true?

Joseph Fromm said...

Their are approx. 420,000 priests, I am sure, lots of wolves amongst the sheep. I believe Fr. Reese has a different agenda than the eternal Salvation of Fr. Macial. Thanks for your input Suz.



Anonymous said...

These claims that JP2 had his dictatorial side coincide with what others, who had dealings with him, had to tell.

There is an egregious error in this article, though; Pius XII is unfairly maligned.