Friday, February 14, 2014

"We Were A Jesuit Priest And A Lutheran,”

Pope Francis spoke about their mutual acquaintance – including a man working to fight slave labor and child prostitution in their native Argentina - and his encounters with the Swedish people. The Pope remembered his friendship with a Lutheran minister , Anders Gutt - “a big man” - with whom he shared the professorship of spiritual theology in Buenos Aires. "We were a Jesuit priest and a Lutheran,” Pope Francis said. “We understood each other very well." Pastor Gutt is now deceased.
Link (here) to Vatican Radio

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Qualis Rex said...

Argentina is one amazing(ly weird) place. If you were parachuted into Palermo, Belgrano etc in Buenos Aires, you'd think you were somewhere in Europe from the looks of the people, the architecture and overall wealth/standard of living. Then a short distance by car or subway and you're suddenly in the 3rd world full of indigenous squatters from all over South America who are prey for any number of miscreants looking to capitalize on human misery. But if you didn't think to look for it, you'd never know it was there.