Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exclusively For Students Of The Jesuit University

The event was created in 2010 after a high school student was not allowed to attend a prom with a same-sex date. The Santa Clara Community Action Program website describes it as “the hottest, freshest, most inclusive party of the year!” “This year's theme is weddings! Say I do to Marriage Equality,” the group states. “Put on your fancy pants, your dancing shoes, ask that special someone to be your date, and maybe you'll be the one to catch the bouquet! ” The event is exclusively for students of the Jesuit University. Santa Clara’s Activities Programming Board (APB) advertised a “speed dating” event on Tuesday night on its Facebook site by urging students to use the event to “find yourself a date for Rainbow Prom or for Valentine's Day!”
Link (here) to Lifesite


Qualis Rex said...

Nothing new or remotely surprising here. Now when the Santa Clara University Mohammedan student union and the gay student union COMBINE to throw a gay Mohammedan party, that will REALLY be something...

TonyD said...

If this activity were conceived, planned, and executed by the Jesuits it would be inappropriate. But that is not the case.

If there is any “blame” to be assigned it should be aimed at those who would criticize the Jesuits for allowing students to exercise their free will to the greatest extent possible. And yes, God’s judgment can be very harsh. If it were possible to plead for people to listen on a blog, you would hear me pleading.