Saturday, December 8, 2012

'We Have Seen His Star'

First Point
'We have seen His star' 

(St. Matt. ii.).
A miraculous star had appeared in the East to announce the birth of Jesus Christ. Many saw it, but three only resolved to follow it and find the new-born King. If our minds are filled with useless thoughts, if we will follow only our own way, we do not see the light God would give us, and thus we miss His grace.
Second Point. 

'We have seen His star.' 
How great was the mercy and love of God in calling these Wise Men, who were Gentiles, to behold the Messias! Gentiles were all those races and peoples on the earth who were not Jews; for the Jews were God's chosen people, and until the birth of our Lord the Jewish Church was the one true religion.
Reflect on God's goodness to you, who are in the bosom of the Catholic Church, the one true faith.

Third Point. 

'We have seen His star.'
The Wise Men, having seen the star, rose up and followed it, leaving all things they cared for behind them.
Are you willing to make sacrifices for God? In the first ages of the Church even children laid down their lives for the faith; and in all ages, as in our own, even children are often called on to 'confess Christ before men.'
How often are Catholic children sneered at or laughed at by Protestant companions! Then it is they must he brave, remembering that to them has been revealed the star of faith.

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