Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Tablet: "Stirs Hornet Nest"

I can understand that the Tablet might want to sabotage Summorum Pontificum; many bishops do, too. But, having decided on this disloyal course of action, it might have chosen a more subtle way of going about it. Fr Finigan was a very bad choice of target: he's popular, sane and plays by the rules. Likewise, we all know that Elena is - how shall I put this? - a little over-zealous, even Cromwellian, in her approach.

Link (here) to the full blog post by Damian Thompson at Holy Smoke


Bobadilla said...

You're kidding? The Tablet is not published by the Jesuits.

You actually don't know that?

Joseph Fromm said...

A number of leading Catholics felt the need for a weekly publication and Father R. Lythgoe SJ, the priest who had converted Lucas, suggested that he take the task on. Lucas chose the name, The Tablet, and the first edition came out on 16 May 1840.

Anonymous said...

Now it is no more a jesuit magazine