Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fr. Warren C. Lilly, S.J. On The Catholic Church "She Is The Bride Of A Crucified Savior And The Spouse Of A Risen Redeemer."

The Catholic Religion is persecuted by the wicked and venerated by the good. She is reviled by the intolerant and admired by the fair-minded. She is hated by false prophets and deceitful leaders, but honored by the upright and worthy. She is calumniated and maligned by the hypocritical and glorified by the honest. She is assailed by the powers of darkness, but exonerated by time and justice. The reason is this: She is the bride of a crucified Savior and the spouse of a risen Redeemer.
She is the real and only rock of ages, the bulwark of law and order. Despite the false assumptions of her maligners, she is the guardian of science and the safeguard of morality. Against the enemies of mankind, she is the preserver of the human race, the salvation of the unborn. She is the fidelity of husband and wife; she is the homebuilder, the hope and harmony of parents and children. She is the foundation of the family, and the backbone of the nation. These powers are not of man. They are not of priests or bishops. They are of God.
 Go to the uttermost bounds of the earth; she is an all-nation faith, the true "International." She is ever ancient, ever new. She is apostolic in her teaching, in her worship and her authority. Her history is the history of the civilized world. She preserved the remnants of Greek and Roman culture and civilized the barbarian hordes of Europe and elsewhere. She Christianizes wherever she is allowed entrance and even wins her way against opposition and persecution. Only God could do what she has done. God works through her.

Link (here) to the piece by  Fr. Warren C. Lilly, S.J

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