Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Agnes Pascal

There was a chapel by the roadside, dedicated to the Holy Apostles. There he found a party of pilgrims returning from Montserrat. It consisted of a woman, whose name has come down to us as Agnes Pascal, three other women, and two young men. She immediately observed the superiority which hung about Ignatius; she observed, too, the marks of a higher nobility which appeared in his face and manner. She was sure that he was a different person from what his poverty pretended him to be, and she felt a pious devotion to him. Ignatius asked her a question about the nearest inn; Agnes replied that it was at Manreza, to which place she was returning, and she offered to provide for him, as far as she was able, if he would accompany her. Ignatius consented and followed humbly behind the slowly-moving party. Seeing he was lame, they offered him a horse, but he refused it. Manreza was a small insignificant town...............
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