Saturday, January 26, 2008

The New Jesuit Saint

Father Nicolas said he hoped the Jesuits would follow the principles of Mohandas Gandhi, "who said that when you speak of something you must first ask, 'Is it true?' because if it is not true, then it is not interesting. Second, 'Is it gentle, charitable, kind?' and third, 'Is it good for others?'"
I thought it was the "Society of Jesus" not the "Society of Gandhi"?
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Honoring wise words said...

I think that to quote wise words from somebody, does not make you his or her follower....

Your comment at the end is very mischievous!

John Paul II in his visit to New Delhi in January of 1986 visited the monument to Mahatma Gandhi. For long moments he knelt down in silent prayer and then rose to speak in praise of the "apostle of non-violence".

What is the title that you are going to give our beloved pope JP II (RIP) for his beautiful act????

Your Title and your final comment are harmful, I hope you were joking!
If you were not, you just made a fool out of yourself!

Joseph Fromm said...

Words mean things. Gandhi is a pagan. The Superior General was speaking to the press about GC35, his election and the Society. Gandhi is not an Apostle. Their are a million other quotes of Jesus or Jesuit Saints that should have been used.

Joseph Fromm said...

Its kind of like the groom at his reception making a toast and talking about his ex-girlfriend.

Joseph Fromm said...

Or, it's like a man has been appointed by the Board of Director of McDonalds to CEO, at his acceptance speech he says, "We can learn alot about the burger business from Taco Bell."

Joseph Fromm said...

Here is Gandhi's quote on Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Honoring wise words said...

Is that your opinion on JP II quote? You are going against what the Pope said of Gandhi!!
Where is your orthodoxy?

Also I have read a differnt source for the meeting with Father General. According to this source when Father General used the quote he was not talking of the Jesuits following Gandhi, he was talking that the documents that will come out of CG35 should be true, charitable and good. As is depicted on the quote.
And I believe that's very Christian even if it was said by Gandhi.
Gandhi is a good figure according to the Vatican, not an enemy, not an ex grilfriend,not what Taco bell is to McDonals.. As i said before, JP II even knelt down in Gandhi monument did a silent prayer and then rose to speak in praise of the "apostle of non-violence"

Do you know better than JP II?

Joseph Fromm said...

I'll give you the last word.

Man of Freewill said...

Let's set things clear. Is it not possible that pagans have believed in some things in accordance with our faith without knowing the teachings of Christ? How come, then, that St. Augustine has discussed the works of Plato, Aristotle and Cicero and have expressed some agreement with their points?

Let us not be judgmental, dear brother. St. Paul, after all, said that God is the one who judges outside the Church. Let us concern ourselves with what happen to the members inside the Church and not pass on judgment to those outside. Let us not try to incur Christ's wrath on using a measurement for others.

And I do not intend to forego the dogma of "extra ecclessia nulla salus."